new album in 2020

After 3 years of production, we are excited to announce our debut full-length album, "The Sonic Relocation and Transformational Reverberation of the Spirit." Lyrically and musically, the collection of songs expands on the themes and ideas suggested in our debut EP while exploring in new depths and influences. With post-production duties undertaken by Takeshi Lewis and Dan Konopka, we look forward to sharing this chapter with you.


Band Members



Spy Blown Mind (Official Video)

Liberate Lyric Video.jpg


Liberate ex Solaris (Official Lyric Video)

Lamar Engel

Clarrisa Puente

Vocals, Bass, Programming



BFF Forever (Official Lyric Video)


Ebb & Flow (Official Video)


Ezekiel James 


Keyboards, EFX, Q-Chord, Artiphon I1, Vocals, Programming, Sequencing

Jordan Shaffer

Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Production, Sequencing, Programming


About Skylight Motion Picture

Skylight Motion Picture is a Napa, CA-based musical collective led by Ezekiel James Hampton and Jordan Shaffer. The goal has always been to create emotionally-charged and cinematic electronic music that simultaneously moves people while making people move. Their self-titled debut EP was released in 2017 with writing that it “…boasts hook-filled pop sensations as well as spacey, atmospheric gems for a truly cinematic texture.” Skylight Motion Picture is currently in post-production for their debut full length album that maintains much of the musical foundation that the EP laid, but demonstrates growth and maturity.


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